The Super Bowl date is fast approaching. It is evident if you want to know all the things that are accurate so that you won’t miss an idea from the most anticipated sports event on earth. It can be the biggest sporting event of the year or the most appropriate time to invite the guests over your home or to hang out with your group of friends. No matter what’s your reason, the Super Bowl is a huge deal for all football lovers. Moreover, here are the things that you need to know to get your ready.

Super Bowl 2019 Halftime

When and where

The upcoming Super Bowl is set to happen on February 3, 2019, at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. For those who want to attend the venue when the spectacle happens, make sure you reserve your seats by purchasing the tickets in the official ticketing box. Do it in advance so that you won’t run out of tickets for you and your friends.

So, you are discussing with your friends and go with attending the venue. So, you and your group are going to watch the thing in real life. Then make sure you and your group purchase the verified tickets to the Super Bowl through the NFL. The tickets for the Super Bowl are expensive. So be prepared for it.

The Halftime Show

Now let’s move to the core of this article. We can’t neglect that the halftime show has been one of the most intriguing customs that we have in the US. You might wonder who is going to headline the halftime show. The main performer will be Maroon 5. isn’t that amazing? We have been ups and downs with the fan theories and speculations over the internet. Now, the officials have confirmed that Maroon 5 is the headliner of the halftime show.

There was a drama behind the conclusion.

You might have heard about the backstory of the Maroon 5 as the performer in the Halftime. Back then in 2015, Levine stated that his band was looking for the opportunity to perform in the halftime show. Since then, many fans have been awaiting the closure.

It turns out that Maroon 5 was not the first choice considered by the NFL officials for the halftime show. Rihanna was the first choice. However, she pulled out because she needed to support Colin Kaepernick. NFL respected the decision and looked for other great option.

Because of the kneeling controversy, Rihanna is not going to perform on the halftime show, at least for now.

Meanwhile, it is an excellent achievement for the Maroon 5. As mentioned, three years ago the band was expecting to perform at the halftime. It is a dream come true. It is the high-profile booking that is righteous from the NFL side. Maroon 5 has contributed to Billboards with their hits. So, it is fair to get them on the stage as the headliner. Many will love to see this cool band performing for the halftime.

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